Strategic advisory for evolving UX/UI design teams
Design team planning is vital to tomorrow’s success — but how do you navigate the complexities of planning an effective team today?

The Advantage

Confidently navigate planning cycles and structure your team for success with insight and clarity provided by Kotori.

Structure For Success

Structure for enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and innovation, paving the way for longterm success.

Identify Gaps & Opportunities

Set the stage for a future-ready design practice by addressing key talent gaps and opportunities.

Balance The Scales

Strategically manage budgets to support efficient growth while optimizing role allocation.

Get Future Ready

Identify essential skills for immediate impact and future innovation in your sector.


Everything needed to plan and structure a high-impact product design team and a little bit more.
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Team Structure Blueprint
Capabilities Assessment
Role Audit & Recommendations
Resource Balancing
Future Proof Recommendations
Challenges & Opportunities Assessment
Strategic Hiring Plan
Compensation Recommendations
Launching the "next big thing" starts with planning the team of the future, today. Are you ready?
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